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Wednesday, April 7, 2010


The Republicans sitting on the Senate Judiciary Committee are living down to their reputation in the matter of Professor Liu.  It seems that Liu, who is exactly what you would expect from an Obama pick for the Judiciary, chose not to share all of his writings on topics likely to get him in hot water with the American  public.  As you would expect, the GOP staff easily uncovered these writings and proceeded to share them with the GOP committee members.  And the members, being good Republican dolts,  alerted the Committee Chairman Patrick 'Gerber Lips" Leahey" that this was cause to delay the hearing.  Leahey, being a Democrat just told them to bugger off.

Now if the GOP members on the committee weren't in full time stupid mode, they would have held back and ambushed Liu with his actual record during the hearing.  This would prove fatal to his prospects as next affirmative action Justice of the Supreme Court.  He wouldn't even have been appointed to the Ninth Circuit.

It's really tortuous watching idiots mismanaging our affairs isn't it? 


  1. Paul from Powerline documents much of the case against Goodwin Liu, and his curious line of defense suggesting that, "that his failure to provide the Senate Judiciary Committee with more than 100 of his speeches and writings was inadvertent."

    Paul concludes:

    "Some of Liu's omissions were, in fact, trivial. But the non-trivial ones are powerful evidence of an intentional effort to conceal the full extent of his radicalism from the Senate in order to boost his chances of being confirmed."

    I think I'd take it a step further.

    If he is lying about not having tried to hide much of this documentation (which I suspect all but the most credulous among us believe) that actually constitutes two strikes against him.

    The first strike would be the obvious one -- that he is a public liar, and has no business on the federal (or any) bench.

    The second strike would be that he is obviously also stupid and arrogant enough to have concluded that no one would discover his lie!

    Finally, if in the remotest of possibilities, he is actually not lying, and his failure to supply 100+ documents and writings was "inadvertent", then he is a very sad individual indeed, one who obviously has lost what is an absolutely indispensible faculty for a federal judge to have -- a memory.

    Either way, his nomination should be immediately withdrawn.

  2. Paul from Powerline has a new Liu post here observing that the Goodwin Liu should be properly seen as the "Dawn Johnsen of Judicial Nominees".

    For having personally taken the view of Bush Administration judicial nominees that opposition to them on ideological grounds was entirely appropriate, it is hard to imagine why anyone would feel constrained hold back on questioning Liu closely on that at this point. Paul notes:

    "Liu gained a certain amount of prominence by virtue of his attacks on the Bush administration's two Supreme Court nominees, John Roberts and Samuel Alito. He argued that their fitness for the Court should be judged, in part, on their ideology which, you guessed it, he claimed was outside the mainstream. In doing so, he set up nicely the argument that will endlessly be used against him."

    Judged alone by the documentation -- that which he tried and epically failed to hide from the Judiciary Committee -- if there is any prominent Obama nominee further outside of the political mainstream, he or she must be very effectively disguised!

  3. In the readily available Utube videos, Liu openly espouses the redistribution of wealth from above, the suppression of descent and contemptuous of the Constitution and the American tradition.

    The man is a walking argument for immigration control.

  4. And, while pointing out just some of the strange political positions Goodwin Liu has staked out over time, I suppose one would be entirely remiss in failing to note in passing that he is also a strong and enthusiastic supporter of reparations for slavery!

    The linked clip shows him pontificating on the subject, while participating on a panel discussing a PBS special about the slave trade, just two years ago!

    Quite conveniently, as anyone can see, he argues that while it may not be exactly clear as yet in his or anyone else's mind what we (the rest of us) are going to have to give up to somehow morally "make things right for slavery, what is obviously very clear to him is that we are ALL going to have to give up, or forego something of considerable value!

    And this obligation, he also intones, will apply regardless of whether we each individually had forbearers who had anything whatsoever to do with the institution of slavery, or even whether we had forbearers who were in any way present in America prior to the abolition of slavery!

    That is because, in Goodwin Liu's formulation, that moral duty to make things "right" is somehow incumbent on everyone who "inherits this nation, um, regardless of whatever the history is."

    Guilt aside, he says, we're all somehow responsible.

    In other words, Goodwin Liu is nuts!