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Sunday, April 11, 2010


Professor Goodwin Liu's fidelity to the Managerial State is plain from the language in this link //  It says something about the country that he feels he can say things like this with impunity.

In the first clip he declares his belief in the labor theory of value.  That's the economic theory that worked so well in the Soviet Union, Cambodia, etc.

The second clip is the more insidious, espousing a process of "Filtering Out" public comment in order to "Improve the quality," of discourse necessary for our deliberative democracy to work.  He thinks this is necessary because "New Tech," gives "Advantage to the reflexive portions of our democracy over the deliberative portions."  Translated into English this means that Bramins like himself should ignore the cries of pain from the productive remembers of society while extracting wealth  to redistribute.  Of course they already do, but the frightening thing here is talk of a "process." Just what is the proposed process?  Has it any constitutional basis? 

The third clip is the usual justification for not taking the old documents like the Constitution too seriously when interpreting the Constitution.  This is pretty egregious but we've all heard it before so I won't comment further.

In an other Utube clip elsewhere, he ways in, in favor of black reparations.  That's pretty rich for a Chinese  anchor baby born in 1970!

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