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Thursday, March 19, 2009


I write not about the brouhaha over AIG but over the real Monster Quest that infests The History Chanel. What is the point of of these idiotic shows? I mean, if the crew goes off looking for Dinosaurs in the Congo, would we really find out at the end of the show, or wouldn't we have learned about it months or even years ago? What level of credulousness is necessary to watch an hour of dubious footage and preposterous testimony, only to be surprised at the lack of a Yeti, Dinosaur, or giant bear at the end? Of course they don't capture the Lock Ness Monster! If they had, it would be on the afternoon news.

Clearly there is a population of viewers who have an insatiable taste for bad science, presented badly and to no point. The mere process of looking for something we know they didn't find, is enough to stimulate the nervous systems of a large number of my fellow citizens. I do hope they will run out of non-existent animals and flying saucers to pursue. But then I suppose they will just go back to their mummy fixation.

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