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Wednesday, March 18, 2009


Our President made it official today. He is following through on his promise to do all in his power to hasten the minority status of pale folk like me. He promised a crowd in Southern California to get busy on "Comprehensive Immigration Reform." This location was probably chosen due to the relative rarity of Caucasians in that part of the country. In his best attempt at an average American accent, he promised that on his watch, illegals would pay a fine and learn English and "Get in line," behind the multitudes already applying to live among us. If given his way, all this will be accomplished by bureaucratic legerdemain in a year or two, resulting in yet another wave of primatives who will push all the negative demographic ills that we now suffer to increase. More out of control educational spending, more crime, more out of wedlock teen births, more downward pressure on wages for our native workers all done to make the Democratic Party the dominant party for the rest of the century while feeding the greed of the Chamber of Commerce for cheap labor.

The last time this was tried the voters awoke and caused Congress to back off. Will this happen again? Sounds like a fun hobby for your humble writer. Yes we can!

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