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Monday, May 19, 2008


Barak Obama put the GOP on notice today not to "Make and Issue" of his wife. This, despite her aggressive campaigning on his behalf. That's the new feminism for you. When she's telling us how it is, she's a powerful female partner to a powerful man. When the opposition points out that she is an ungrateful affirmation action case with a chip on her shoulder, she's beyond comment. If she is half the jaw jutting, finger wagging, harridan she appears, it is others who need protection from her. If she wants to be treated like a lady she needs to stay off the stump. Once you're actively thumping the tub for something in this country, you are fair game for legitimate comment.

In a larger sense, this is illustrative of the new American consensus on all matters of diversity. This is never spoken but everyone knows that the terms of discourse are the following. Racial and gender pride are sacrosanct as long as the race is not white and the gender is not male. One has only to imagine a white candidate crowing about his racial pride or a male candidate contrasting his manliness with that of his opponent.

The dis-function of our culture is on full display in this race pitting a woman running as a woman and a mulatto running as a black man.

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