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Monday, May 19, 2008


Word is just in that the British Parliament has just authorized the creation of part human-part animal embryos. We are reassured that they are just creating them in order to kill them later. So we are creating "Manamals" in order not to have to kill human embryos. I suppose that's all right then! Can all this really be happening? English literature begins with Beowulf, slayer of monsters. And we have arrived at Gordon Brown, creator of monsters. As the English themselves say, "It's a funny old life isn't it."

Does anyone believe that this is the end of it? Is anyone so naive as to suppose that no one in the world will experiment with these hi-breds further? Our understanding of genetics will sooner or later allow someone to create viable hi-bred offspring. And then what? In this new era where comedy and horror overlap, will we see an army of Meximanamals bred to pick tomatoes? Will we breed an army of Dobermanamals to fight our wars. Will such creatures have legal rights? Who will represent them, Congress or the ASPCA?

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