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Saturday, May 17, 2008


The President on tour of the Middle East must present a queer spectacle to educated locals. Like his father before him, he detects the presence of a new Hitler in the region. And of course we most not ever talk to Hitler. They must wonder, isn't it Dracula that can't be killed? But even if Hitler were to return from that little box in the Kremlin archive containing the top of his cranium, why wouldn't we talk to him? In fact, we did talk to Hitler. We talked to Goering and Von Ribbentrop too, because they were Germany's government of the day . That didn't prevent us from hanging them by their necks until they were dead. The road of meetings and negotiations can lead to peace and commerce or Spandau Prison. Usually it's somewhere in between. Hamas, an organization founded with Israeli connivance, was legally elected in the West Bank. They do engage in indiscriminate attacks on Israeli civilians so they engage in terrorism. But they are also the lawful government. So if Bush won't talk to them and the Israeli's won't talk to them, the the killing just goes on and on. Bear in mind that Hamas was encouraged in its early stages by Israel as a counterweight to Arafat's Al Fatah organization, which was then the government of the Palestinians. The government of Israel wouldn't talk to them then. Now the same Al Fatah are the good guys and Hamas is beyond the pale.

In the course of researching a very different topic, I had to read every edition of one newspaper for the whole of 1944. I was surprised to see wire service reports of market place bombings and assassinations in Palestine. The group responsible for these terroristic acts, against our ally Great Britain by the way, was none other than those same Zionists who when on to become the government of Israel. As I recall we did talk to them and recognized the state they created.

Now this is were one is accused of "Moral Equivalence." And in this case it's perfectly true. A fair assessment of the actions of both parties since 1948 would find a great deal of lying, skulduggery, and outright gangsterism on all sides. The Israeli's have no interest in a final settlement while they can continue to expand and create settlements. Any Palestinian leader who makes concessions will be met with more demands and be assassinated by his own people for his trouble. Pat Buchanan's article on the 60th anniversary of the establishment of the state of Israel makes the point that demographically, Israel is doomed to dissolve in a generation or two as their internal Arab population swells. Israel cannot remain a democracy and a Jewish state while remaining within their current borders. Israel's agents of influence in the US are pressing their advantage so far that the a reckoning with the majority American public is now inevitable. If we are conned into a war with Iran that goes badly, I wouldn't want to Abe Foxman or whoever is running AIPAC at the moment.

We simply cannot back Israel no matter what they do and avoid unpleasant consequences. Neither should we want Israel to "Go Away." If Bush really cared for the Israeli people he would level with them. Stop the blank check and begin treating the Israelis the same way we are treating the Iraqi's. They need to know that they are a strategic liability to us and that we are disengaging. If they want our help to settle matters with their neighbors they have a date certain to do it. If not, they have their nukes to keep them warm.

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