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Wednesday, May 14, 2008


Former Governor and Mrs. Dina McGreevy are airing their sordid little lives for us today on Court TV. Now Court TV serves as a peep show for the voyeurs among us and I don't watch it very often, but the chance to hear the details of McGreevey's rise to power is a matter of interest.

One item of note was how his fellow homosexuals closeted in state office aided and abetted his advance to a place where he could disgrace himself and the state from a higher altitude. Much is said about discrimination toward homosexuals but next to nothing is said about the tendency for deviates to collude to advance and enable one another inside our institutions. I can't remember ever seeing this work out for the public good. Everyone on the inside saw the lesbian mafia within the Whitman Administration manipulated the system to their own advantage. Everyone on the inside knew that McGreevey had been apprehended by the police several times in public trysts with other men. In our politically correct culture it's simply impossible to object. The real issue here is the degree to which people's impulses interfere with their public duties. In the case of McGreevey, his secretive, devious nature extended to his public as well as his private life. Similarly, the nature of some of Whitman's female colleagues should have made it obvious that for them, power meant anti-man vendettas, inside dealings with unreliable gal pals and the general mis-governance of the state. My point is that people who can't face the public as who they are, are so likely to be dishonest in other ways that they don't deserve to be elected. If Janet Reno had been an honest lesbian maybe she wouldn't have set the tanks on the Branch Davidians, or deported a helpless child to Castro's slave state.

But this is exposure of public figures in situations they don't totally control is a healthy thing. If the public got to see it's leaders more often in all their smarmy dissembling reality they wouldn't take them so seriously. For instance, McGreevy can't help playing to the jury in exactly the same goody goody manner he used on the voting public. He's insulting their intelligence but since the jury is selected from the cream of Union County's citizenry, he's likely to get his way. The rapacious Dina can't stop smirking and shaking here head. She exhibits all the grace and dignity of a social climbing Latin bimbo. Anyone who still thinks this woman didn't know that she was providing a beard for this obvious charlatan deserves to live in New Jersey.

When I saw a figure writing for the National Review on national governance and security matters exiting a Connecticut Avenue gay porn shop I start planning for retirement in Belize. Things have already gone too far.

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