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Wednesday, April 9, 2008


To Paraphrase Ex Governor McGreevey, My fellow Americans, my reality is that I am soon to become a Codger American. Yes, I'm about to turn Sixty years old. Soon I will be eligible for senior citizen discounts. I already have "over fifty checking" which seems to be designed for people with small wallets and diminished memories. Perfect for me. So I must ask the question that all aging male boomers ask in our hearts. What the devil happened to the Age of Aquarius? What happened to all that free sex and mellowing hanging out? How was this paradise invaded by the Age of Hillary. I remember people smoking pot in public movie theaters. Now I can't smoke a cigar in a bar. What happened to all those funky Hippy chicks? They can't all have turned into corporate dragon ladies. Perhaps they all got law degrees and fell in love with each other, which would explain the Age of Hillary.

I never took the whole hokum of The Sixties seriously while it was going on. But insulated from all the bullshit I did have a ball on the fringes. it always seemed to me that the Hippies I knew were just poor stand-ins for Beatniks. The rock music we listened to was a poor substitute for jazz and the literature of The Sixties was as disposable as bathroom tissue. But so much enthusiasm was intoxicating. The Seventies were a horrible exercise of consequences making themselves felt. I know I suffered personally and can never look at Jimmy Carter without disdain.

Takimag seems to have undergone a putsch. According to the kids that run it in Taki's name, Neo-Nazi's were posting comments in a concerted attempt to subvert their site. So they stopped comments. Now they have comments, but it seems that I am blocked along with the latter-day Arian supermen. Do they think I"M a Nazi? Well OK, I don't actually care what they think. It was fun posting comments to their site. I once e-mailed them about an unrelated matter an got no reply. So I suspect that they just aren't very professional. This is sad as real Paleoconservatives would uphold certain antique practices, like ANSWERING THEIR FUCKING MAIL!

Ah, that felt good.

I will get my fishing license Saturday and it occurs to me that there is no point in getting a trout stamp. Why get a stamp to keep fish I always throw back anyway? Under normal circumstances, they are just too pretty to eat. Bass, perch and walleye are not immune however, as they are ravenous brutes like myself and taste great to boot.


  1. That's a low blow about Hiliary. Give her a little credit, she stuck by Bill even when he couldn't keep it in his pants.

  2. Anonymous, I wasn't attacking Hillary's lack of grit. I was pining for the days when young (and foolish?) female contemporaries expressed themselves in the realm of Eros rather than in the arena of power.

    As to Hillary, I, like a lot of men dislike her not so much because she wields power but because she is palpably dishonest and because her public demeanor is that of a scold. Scolding is the opposite of leading. I agree with Peggy Noonan's analysis of Hillary. She's a bossy, driven Yuppy with few scruples.

    And yet, and yet, she seems to me in the last few months to exhibit a kind of vulnerability that I have not seen before. It would be tempting to fantasize a Hillary who had a strong father, a Hillary not married to a Sociopath. I think she would always have been a strong personality, but perhaps she would have been more a force for good. My personal exercise in long distance psychoanalysis is that Hillary grew up with a vaguely left perception that the American game was rigged from the start. She like others of this mind-set, genuinely believe that when they bend or break rules and laws they are doing it for women, blacks, the disabled and all those held down by the white male establishment. By thinking of themselves as the resistance to the occupation of the world by white men they are liberated from universal expectations. Bill just wanted to have fun in his criminal way. Hillary really wants the whip handle on white men. And as a white man I can't help but consider this a threat.

  3. Sue (Genz) IanniMay 5, 2008 at 9:33 AM

    What happened to all those cool hippy chicks??

    They're livin' on meds, vitamin B, and Rogaine.

    - Suzy

  4. Suz,

    Vitamin B?! I went to a bistro in Philadelphia across from the Penn Law School only to find a bearded half of a lesbian couple at the bar. Now THAT'S Rogaine use. And to think it doesn't work on the top of my head but does on the cheeks of a chubby young woman. There is just no justice in this world.

    Of course the only thing to do in this situation is to studiously ignore such a pitiful cry for attention.

  5. Sue (Genz) IanniMay 11, 2008 at 12:52 AM

    Rogaine on the face?!! Geez, Tommy, you think it might have been something less creepy - like maybe there was a full moon out that night?

    Stress-Tabs are Vitamin B. I should know - I have teenagers - Although I have not tried Rogaine (at least not yet.)

    From the Cuz, Suz

  6. Yes this little gal just wanted to have a beard and that's how the radical lesbian lawyerettes go about it. It's a queer new world were living in. I haven't been back to that place and despite the weird experience with the bearded woman, it's actually a pretty nifty place to have a bite and a beer, and watch humanity.