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Thursday, April 17, 2008


The image of women and their children dragooned into custody by the State of Texas must sicken anyone with a heart. Granted, the Fundamentalist Mormons practice polygamy. They may well indulge in sexual congress at an earlier age than is permitted by law. But then Islam, the religion of many recent immigrants is also polygamous and favors the sexual initiation of nine year old girls. One wonders if the States are scrutinizing our new neighbors with the same degree of diligence.

The State of Texas seems to believe that the children of these very close knit religious people would be better off as wards of the state. Well, they can't really believe this, but being disposed to come down on the Mormons in the first place, they now feel that the interests of the children must come second to upholding the principle of state control. So on the basis of hearsay evidence, these children were rounded up by armed men and are facing custody. Make no mistake, If these children become creatures of the State they will be destroyed.

The venom of the news women reporting this business is palpable. Their hatred for these weird mothers in "Little House on the Prairie" dresses is the stuff of psychological study. In my view the real focus of their fear and hatred is the image of 19th century America which is after all, the very image of hell for feminists, liberals and the whole multicultural left. The thought of other women finding fulfillment in patriarchal relationships literally drives them to fury.

Polygamy is illegal and not the norm. But it is for better or worse, an American tradition in certain quarters. Destroying the life chances of of the children of such unions while encouraging other, actually dangerous polygamists to enter our country is simply insane

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