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Sunday, March 30, 2008


The Godfather is back on the movie channel yet again and Karl Rove is holding forth for the Young Americans for Freedom on CSPAN. Carl has taken to that least appealing of hair treatments for balding men. I speak of the practice of teasing what few wisps of hair one has to their full height, hoping that through sheer will, that it will appear as hair. I imagine we men do this in preference to living with baldness.

OOPS! His speech was just interrupted by a few student protesters. They appear to be swarthy Arab students and the pudgy coeds who must find them fascinating. Mama Obamas in the making.

Well back to Carl's hair or rather, head. What is it that makes men think that even when their entire pate is visible, it still avails to try something fancy with the lifeless, thin gray fuzz that hangs like a mist over the wet pasture of their heads? Carl's head looks like nothing so much as a mildewed melon

In other rotting vegetable news, Basra has erupted into the usual blood bath and it puts the surge in question. Sadr may or may not be hiding in Iran studying to become a full fledged Ayatollah. I gather this is supposed to take 10 years or so but he's cramming and hopes to be a certified wise man in just two. The course of instruction is on the interpretation and application of sharia. A sad side effect of this idiotic "War" is the deflating off all those romantic images we had in our heads from a thousand adventure movies about such places as Basra. We will never again hear of Basra and see in our minds eye young Douglas Fairbanks Jr. leaping over the whitewashed rooftops as Simbad. Having seen so many Middle Eastern women as they are, with eyebrows like tent caterpillars, we will never quite accept Maureen O'Hara as an Arab Princess.

So Carl is holding up well before this very friendly audience. No one is taking notes and they all appear to be avoiding glancing at his head. He is soft soaping these kids with out a care and so he should. They all want to grow up to be him. A pretty lass from New Jersey named Pallatucci just asked him about who McCain should pick for Vice President. Is this Bill Pallatucci's daughter? Perhaps this is also a planted question.

He is getting some unfriendly questions from campus D's but they never laid a glove on him. Of course they're kids. On fat little guy asked the inevitable Iraq question: If you knew that things would go as badly as they have, would you have invaded anyway. Of course. His off hand response is chilling. "It is what it is." I'm not kidding, that's what he said. He finished by noting that we were justified clobbering Iraq because Hussein wanted weapons of mass destruction. Now this is curious reasoning. I want to make love to Fanny Ardant. That alone would not justify Mr. Ardant getting a restraining order against me. The Government of Mexico makes no secret of it's desire to re-acquire California, Arizona, New Mexico and Texas. Yet the president who Rove served did everything in his power to accommodate Mexico. So war in response to the presumed or real desires of foreign leaders is a poor excuse for all the blood and treasure expended. But then what other excuse can they offer now that all their lies and blunders are exposed.

The Great Eric Severied is now on CSPAN in a ghostly taped interview from 1989. That over, I'll go back to see if they've bumped off poor Fredo yet.

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