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Sunday, March 16, 2008


John McCain just conducted an impromptu IQ test for all conservatives on Hannity's FOX TV show. Predictably, Hannity failed. McCain admitted that the public rejected his immigration bill of last year and so pledged "to fix the border first". First that is, before resuming the business of importing a third world workforce to drive down American wages. Anyone with the intelligence of a rat can detect the bait and switch in this locution. But for reading rats out there, here is what he is saying. "OK, I understand that you sense that something us up and you are beginning to catch on to what I and the rest of the masters of the universe plan to turn this whole country into a rootless cheap labor rooming house. So I'll pretending to do something about the border so you can't complain about what I do next. And what I have always planned to do next is to legalize every illegal who managed to slip under the wire since the last alien amnesty fiasco back in 86' .

When asked what constituted fixing the border, McCain had the brass to say that he, and we, should be satisfied when the border governors certify that the border is secure. We're not supposed to notice that Arizona and New Mexico both have Democrat Governors who will be happy to flood the country with Mexicans. The Governor of California will usually be a Democrat as well. So with three out of four border governors in treasonous sympathy with this invasion, McCain's pledge is nothing more than an insulting verbal gambit meant to gull "The Base." Hannity didn't follow up on this so I imagine he is either as stupid as he appears or he has joined the my party right or wrong element.

The issue here is not fairness. It is not even economics. The issue is what kind of society we are and wish to remain. I was born in a English speaking, Christian country with an English common law heritage. I was taught to love and adhere to that country. McCain and his Neoconservative and liberal friends find this America disposable. With the Immigration Act of 1964 they set about replacing the European/American population with a polyglot mixture of humanity with whom the rest of us have little or nothing in common. I don't remember anyone asking us if we wanted to give up our country.

This isn't just another among many policy questions. This is about whether we will have our country in another generation. This is about the nature, the very soul of our country. Do we have a right to define what that country is and is not? Will we allow a traitorous political class to jive talk us out of our birthright?

Trying to stop these people's gambits, one after another is a passport to our doom. We must coalesce around a concrete agenda. This is a good place to begin.

a. The immediate repeal of the 1964 immigration law. It needs to be replaced by a law opening citizenship to people who can post a one million dollar bond.

b. The passage of an English Language Constitutional Amendment.

c. Legislation backed up by active citizen follow up, demanding that all naturalized citizens are here on sufferance. We must insist that any serious violation of law by these people results swift and sure prosecution and deportation. If we could do it with Lucky Luciano we can do it with the Raul or Walid.

d. We need to take on the ACLU the SPLC and other anti-American groups with law suits, picketing, and all lawful means.

e. We must organize in a serious organization that can take the form of a political party if the Republicans do not toe the line. We must organize, march, lobby and be as obnoxious and pushy as our adversaries.

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