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Tuesday, March 11, 2008


The news that one out every four American schoolgirls had the clap came simultaneously with the news of Eliot Spitzer's sexual escapades. No one can convince me however, that they are related. One must maintain a sense of proportion in these things.

Personally I don't find him quite as loathsome as some do. This is because he seems totally lacking in any distinctiveness or personality that would serve as a focus of attention. I've heard him speak many times and can't even remember the sound of his voice. His bathetic pronouncements about the sins of his prosecutorial targets were so obviously unfelt as to be risible. His forced smile and dead, calculating eyes are as unengaged as any manikins. He's just another "What makes Sammy Run" type playing the big man with inherited money and no sense of shame.

But he's far from harmless. He and others like him are extremely dangerous to our civic health. He is the latest in a line of New York Prosecutors who built political careers out of their jobs. Dewey did it honorably fighting the Mob. Giuliani did the same and added attacks on Wall Street as a way of enhancing his populist image. Spitzer just copied Giuliani. This use of state power to destroy easy targets for the amusement of the populace and the advancement of careers is as old as Rome. It ends with the deliberate targeting of individuals with fortunes for the purpose of confiscation of their property. Prosecutorial abuse of discretion in our society is out of control and represents a threat to us all. The case of the Duke Rape Hoax comes to mind. I have personally seen Prosecutors staff deployed in New Jersey for partisan political purposes. Prosecutors can indict anyone they please. I would like to think that elected prosecutors are better behaved than appointed ones but this is not the case. An elected prosecutor in a political subdivision populated by ignoramuses can be a corn pone Robespierre, as we saw in the Duke case. All this takes on even more chilling weight when we consider that we are living in the new National Security State with electronic economic integration leaving us naked to electronic snooping of every kind. And as we have seen, the government has little to gain attacking the criminal underclass. It's the citizenry who possess the assets worth seizing. It is we who live sedentary lives and are the sitting ducks.

So Spitzer deserves what he gets. I hope they disbar him so we here no more of this man.

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