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Monday, February 18, 2008


I celebrate today's generic President's Day with the news that as of today both Bush Presidents certify John McCain's bona fides as a real conservative. So that settles it then, He's definitely NOT a real conservative. The ineffectual 41 and the certifiable 43 have spent eleven years deconstructing the Reagan legacy. They are both masters of the inside game called elections but hopeless bunglers at governance. They can raise money from seemingly sane donors, convince intelligent people that they themselves are intelligent and they can put together good campaigns. It's just running the country that eludes them. Both have the insulting habit of appropriating the symbols and language of Conservativism while betraying conservative principles. If the GOP ever puts forward one of these idiot savants for President again, they deserve to go the way of the Whigs.

PBS celebrated President's Day by showing a documentary on Kit Carson. They thought about doing one on Washington but decided not to in deference to Black History Month. Kit Carson by the way, was very cruel to the Native Americans.

Speaking of Black History Month, the Clinton Campaign is reduced to calling Barak Obama a plagiarist. This really is an act of desperation as the supposed victim readily admits also stealing language from the perpetrator. I'm told that this is the time honored tradition among American Black preachers and politicians. At least that was what we were told when Martin Luther King was found guilty of plagiarism. So it's OK then.

Finally, "Chuck" Schumer appeared on TV complaining that the AMTRAK is just now getting around to invading the privacy of its passengers. The Transportation Security Gestapo or whatever it's called, will now "swab" passengers luggage, presumably to detect explosives. This is only the first step of course. Soon will come the wands and the xray machines and strip searches, all performed by semi employable minority oafs.

I enjoy riding on AMTRAK. A fast clean railroad is an amenity expected in a modern state. AMTRAK just barely qualifies but at least it was convenient. Taking the overnight train to Florida can be a pleasure when it's on time. Sadly, The last time I took it, I arrived eleven hours late. Still, just going to a train station and traveling from one city center to another is a blessing. I can think of no better way to kill AMTRAK than to impose airport style brutality on passengers. Thanks "Chuck." The ultimate failure of Transportation Security occurred when my ancestors let "Chuck's" into the country.

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