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Monday, February 25, 2008


A depressing weekend was made more so by the umpteenth showing of The Godfather on cable. There must be an audience for it, and the thought that these same people voting re-enforces that sinking feeling. Surely everyone on the planet has seen this movie at least four times. It's very well shot. The acting is very good but the premise of this "Classic" is simply preposterous. The plot line, is of a Mediterranean wharf rat who escapes from the mafia, only to recreate it in the new world. He and his son then blunder around killing people while trying to get out of the mafia. In many respects it's a sort of soap opera punctuated with violence to keep the male viewers awake. I've known a lot of seedy politicos who quote lines from the movie much as educated people quote Machiavelli.

Speaking of Mediterranean wharf rats, Kosovo declared its Independence a few days ago. The Serbs are understandably upset as Kosovo is the cradle of Serbia. Of course the whole thing stems from the shameful inactivity of the Europeans who were content to see Croatia and Slovenia escape from the dieing husk of Yugoslavia while letting the rest fall into a state of nature. The state of Slav and Albanian nature runs pretty red in tooth and claw so things got nasty. Any fool could predict that America would force an intervention after taking her marching orders from one sided television images. The Muslims were anointed the victims and the Serbs were of course the new Nazis. So we dragooned the Europeans into helping us drive the Serbs out of areas historically theirs. A new Muslim state in Europe is the result. I think it's beginning to dawn on some that we get no credit from Muslims for bombing fellow Christians for their benefit. If the Europeans were a bit less decadent they would have sorted the mess out before our childish help made things so much worse.

As I write, the awful David Frum is describing Obama's campaign as "Post American." to the an credulous Glenn Beck. Beck failed to remind Frum that the day before yesterday he was (and still is for all I know) a Canadian. Frum is a two legged argument for immigration control. The neocon contagion is rich in Canadians, Mark Steyn who used to be a fine movie critic for the London Spectator is one, as is the creepy Charles Krauthammer who used to be a Psychiatrist before he took to driving all the rest of us crazy. Before we let these characters opine about what's best for America we should think about just who the Americans are.

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