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Friday, February 23, 2018


According to the Sun Newspaper, (UK) this is what Our Lord looked like.

I suppose we are all supposed to be shocked that he looks jewish.  Well, of course he looked like a Jew!  He was a Jew!  Is this supposed to news? Why the artist left his mouth open or why his Jesus is looking down his nose at us is a question I shan't bother to ask. 

I recall a very similar stunt a few years ago; only in that iteration the artist made Jesus look like the late Harry Jaffe as Gunga Din. 

That one also had Jesus sporting negroid pigmentation.  Jesus did walk in the bright sun a lot.  He was not a Jamaican though. 

The Sun reports that the artist depicts Jesus as muscular.  Fair enough.  He was after all, a carpenter. I like the idea of a physically imposing savior.  That reminds me of the manly priests of my youth, before the sissies took over. 

We must expect this revelation that Our Lord didn't look much like Max von Sydow to come along every now and then as a condescending snub to Christians; as though our faith in Him is as shallow as their's is in whatever they believe this week. 

OFF TOPIC: I notice that Max von Sydow is listed as a French Actor, or as a Swedish/French Actor in web references.  My guess is that like other Swedish artists of his generation, he became a tax exile to avoid having his income raped by the Swedish tax system. 

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