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Sunday, February 11, 2018


I woke at the crack of noon as usual, as it takes a while for me to reach Homo Sapien level of sentience, I turned on the television.  This was a mistake. Even my primitive ape-brain of the moment recoiled from what it saw and heard.  Everyone was still obsessively covering the same non-story they have been covering for the past year.  

Yes, every station was obsessing over all things Russian, scandalous and Trump, and Trump-like ass-grabbers in the workplace.  How can the media of the greatest power on earth be so monomaniacal?  It's true that I have a visceral, almost a pavlovian abreaction to pointless repetition.  If trapped in the company of a tedious repeater, I can turn nasty on a dime.  It actually feels like the repeater is assaulting me.  So what to do?  

There was an avenue of escape.  France24 is carried on my cable service.  It  broadcasts the same idiotic worldview as American's left stations.  They hate President Trump and anything of traditional American norms.  But, and this is the crucial difference, they also report on other thinks going on around the world.  

Today, thanks to France24, I learned that a Russian airliner went down.  I learned that the Egyptian Army claims to have killed sixteen radical insurgents in the Sinai peninsula.  This was interesting as the Egyptians claim to have killed thousands of these bad guys in operations that have been going on for some time.  The scope and duration of this mini-war was hardly covered on US news.  The Olympic scores were covered with much lamentation over poor French performance, especially in the Biathlon.  

France 24 is not the only foreign broadcaster available to me. 

Deutsche Welle (DW) is also available but only seems to cover four topics; the awfulness of Trump, the need to be kind to refugees no matter how they behave, the awfulness of any populist or nationalist impulse among Germans, Swiss or Austrians and finally, quirky stories covering science or technology.  These last can be engaging.  Exhibitions of Masochism however, are distasteful to me and it's high-time that Germans stop whipping themselves in public. So off I go down the TV dial.  

BBC and BBC America are available but I find them unwatchable.  All their reporting about my country follows the Democratic (Party) National Committee's press releases.  They seem not to know what actual Americans are like so their reporting is like what you get from primitive, backwaters.  It's all about what internationalist moochers in the capitol city have to say.  BBC coverage of the rest of the world is so captive to hard luck stories about the wretched of the earth that it's really depressing.  This is especially so in the BBC's obsessive coverage of Syria, a country demolished in no small part by the interference of do-gooders like the BBC and it's NGO bedmates.  And why does the BBC inflict such scary looking female reporters on us?  What happened to ugly men reporters?

RT Russian TV was on until recently but it was pulled. I gather there was a drive to get it off the air across America but I haven't bothered to check out the local situation. There are a lot of Russian expats in my greater broadcast area.  How they felt about this is a mystery.  A lot of them are refusenik types.  They keep my area supplied with go go girls and insurance fraudsters so perhaps they had little time for television.  In any event, RT was such poorly done propaganda circus that I doubt they had much impact.  It was unintentionally funny though and some of the newsgirls were pretty.  The temptation to get factual news from RT never entered my head and now I'm no worse off for having them gone.  

The very entertaining and well produced Japanese NHK used to be available but was booted for the local cable networks for some reason.  NHK fielded the most lovely and original nature programming I've ever seen.    

So What is the Unique News Opportunity?  Could not some civilized country produce a news network with actual news for broadcast to America?  Surely I'm not the only American with some curiosity about what is happening in the world.  Our public broadcasting corporation might even host it as anything foreign get a pass from them.  Imagine a news service that just reported facts without all the idealogical humbug?  Could some Swiss outfit pull it off?       

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  1. "Our public broadcasting corporation might even host it as anything foreign get a pass from them."

    No, I fear I must disagree on that point.