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Thursday, March 10, 2016


Over on the UNZ review, Robert Weissberg posits the idea that the explosion of black college student unrest is fueled by adrenaline intoxication.  He makes a good case.  I don't think this explains the whole ball of wax, but the more I think on it, the more this seems to have some credence. Hey… the revolution can be fun!

The is my comment on the site. 

This idea deserves attention.  Anyone with experience of black unrest knows their volatility and such cannot be divorced from the whole issue of human nervous system responses.  Blacks love to make noise and posture.  When it gets out of hand, violence, often animistic savage violence ensues.  

I think simple adrenaline-fueled joy of action is part of this phenomenon.  Another driver is also present though.  The administrators and faculty being buffaloed by these black brats are linked with them in a way that profoundly undermines their authority.  Every black affirmative action student knows that the institution they attend today is the way it is because the leadership of that institution overthrew a previous regime.  So in a curious way they are now seek to follow their elders.  The affirmative action commander in chief himself ran on "Change," upper ales.  Bernie Sanders, ex-academic, was a protestor and under-minor of the old order.  He is just one of hundred of thousands of such empty shells occupying a system he will not defend.  He won't defend his own podium!

Along with this goes the fact that from earliest childhood, blacks are lectured by the same sort of leftists that run the same academy they eventually attend, that all the institutions of society are based on old lies.  So, what would we expect them to do?  In their rather simple minds, rebelling against the system is what is expected.  

That said, the whole process of nervous stimulation in acting out cannot be denied.  It clearly feeds on itself.   


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