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Tuesday, February 9, 2016


Tonights awful vote count has the fat boy form New Jersey home licking his wounds.  It's expected that he will bail out and stay home to stew in the almost universal enmity of the New Jersey populous.  He has the connections to land a well-paying sinecure somewhere.  With luck, we will hear no more of him.  

I never believed that he had a plausible national career.  The electronic talking heads are reluctant to say this but frankly, the American people recognize that the denizens of New York, Chicago, Los Angeles are not really people of the same culture.  They are foreigners and have elected to be by concentration in large unassimilable urban enclaves.  They have not evolved with the rest of us but chose to marinate in ugly insular communities.  We all know that they are not to be trusted.  The very things they do to come to our attention repel us.  

Somehow this doesn't apply to Trump.  More on this later….when I figure it out!!! 

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