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Thursday, December 17, 2015


We who understand firearms and are subject to the ignorant tirades of those who don't, will not be surprised by the following.  It is worth exposing never the less.  This from that  bathetic, porcine buffoon Michael Moore. 

"I don’t understand why people are allowed to purchase assault rifles like the AR-15 that was used in the San Bernardino, Oregon, and Aurora shootings, or the Bushmaster that was used in Sandy Hook. These weapons are not for hunting or self-defense."

So Moore doesn't see why his fellow citizens are "Allowed" to purchase what he calls an assault rifle.  (They aren't, but that's for another day.)  I could write a long essay, perhaps a book or two on the difference in mentality between Americans, who have always understood that whatever is not illegal is permissible, and resentful inadequates like Moore who assume every quantum of life is to be sifted through the fine grate of a liberal government.  

That aside, what is so remarkable about this statement?  Nothing except it is the one billionth  three hundred thousandth, and thirtieth example of total ignorance by people like Moore.  And this is about a subject they feel free to instruct the rest of about.  

He doesn't like the AR15 rifle, and he doesn't like the Bushmaster rifle.  Fatso just doesn't know that he is talking about the same gun!   See below. 




I don't want to make too much about this because we all know that Moore is not in the business of making a coherent case to people with open minds.  He is a unsightly asshole making a fortune telling fellow leftists what they want to hear.  And like him,  they want to get rid of anything that frightens, or is a cultural signifier of people they don't like.  

I note that the article I took this from appeared in The Daily Beast today.  It's entitled "Michael Moore is Coming for Donald Trump."  Doubtless Trump is suitably terrified.  In casting about for a way of putting a name to my distaste for Moore I noticed the articles author, pictured here. 

I'm tempted to rest my case but for the overly kind I'll make things plain.  The attraction of the left resides in the boundless resentments and grudges of such as these.   I can clearly recall how in the sixties hippiedom and campus radicaldom attracted two kinds of people.  Alpha-males in search of easy sexual conquest, and misshapen, unathletic, ponces  like Stern and Moore.  They have been waging the war of the weak against the strong ever since.     I suppose it's inevitable in a democracy driven by mass communications over content.  But we must never lose sight of the fact that;

These people are the bruised fruit of humanity.


  1. Excellent article, Tommy. I can't stand Michael Moore and his big mouth spewing big lies! Liberals have it easy in this country. They don't have to be even a little bit accurate in their claims, because they get a pass from the media.

    Not so easy for Conservatives - They typically hesitate to speak publicly or don't speak out at all. The leftist media's job is to spin the facts. Conservative speakers will have their words and, often, their personal lives dissected by the media in an effort to discredit and humiliate the Conservative, while burying the original message.

  2. The bruised fruit of humanity... .LOL!