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Sunday, December 6, 2015


I just watched some ninny instructing the equally silly Charley Rose about terrorism.  The ninny was of course a highly respected ex-CIA wise man despite having the voice and demeanor of an interior decorator.  All of his analysis matched those of all the other reedy voiced talking heads of the MSM.  It puzzles me that so many great minds agree on so much and at the same time be so feckless.  

According to the ex-CIA ninny, the real danger inherent in terror attacks is that they tempt us to give up our multicultural civil liberties oriented system.  It never seems to cross this fellows mind that it is the multiculturalism that posses the threat.  

After this latest attack by a disgruntled Muslim, it takes a certain kind of malevolent, blind slavery to a certain vision not to see that multiculturalism puts one's fellow citizens at risk.  That is true, if one and one's family live safe from the rough edges of multiculturalism.  If the only black guy in your gated community is a physicist, you might well wonder what all the fuss is about.  If you are a middle class computer programmer and your job just went to an Indian H1-B visa mercenary,  All this kumbaya takes on a very different aspect.  

So it's apparent that for all the diversity loving managers of other white people's fate, it's an exercise in class warfare.  They can't believe that what they dump on us can ever happen to their own descendants.  But it will.   

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