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Tuesday, March 10, 2015


Cable networks have only themselves to blame when viewers resort to alternative media to keep up with the news.

Three times this week network coverage of international affairs and the doings of our Congress and President stopped abruptly in order to cover trivialities.  

First, world  stopped dead in order to cover Harrison Ford's antique plane boo boo on some golf course.  It was obvious from the first pictures that the old WWII trainer he was flying was almost completely intact.  Both cockpits certainly were.  It was evident almost immediately that he just bumped his head. 

With all due respect to Ford, he is an actor, not a head of state. Even if he had died, the prolonged mesmerization of our nations media would be unjustified.  

We barely got back to actual news when some cop in Madison Wisconsin shot an unarmed "Black" teenager.  Blacks assaulting cops and getting shot for their trouble is a routine occurrence.  No one forces them to do this.  Never the less, the press corps saw fit to treat yet another routine police blotter incident as a national crises.  Indeed, the networks transform these into faux crises by compulsive coverage and open collusion with race hustlers who flock to the scene.

Angry young Blacks posturing for the cameras are not in themselves news.  Filming their every movement and the inanities of their self-appointed leaders mouth is an insult to the public's right to be informed.  Inflicting Sandfords, and Fergusons, on us over and over is a self indulgent reflection of network management the preoccupations.  It's not a reflection of American life.  

It  just heard that the deceased in Madison was also on probation for armed robbery and had a police record.  The cops were not called to the scene to investigate "A disturbance" as was reported, but to respond to several calls by different citizens reporting violence by the deceased, by name.  One of these reported the deceased as "Choking someone."  We have another gentle giant at work apparently.  He was bi-racial it seems, not Black as we were told.  So as Steve Sailor would say,"Narrative collapse," has set in already.  Madison WI is a far left university and government town.  That means we can expect this circus to run for an extended engagement, displacing actual news for a while. 

And just tonight, copious attention must also be paid to some white Oklahoma frat boys singing a racially naughty song on a bus.  They don't want to admit any gentle giants into their frat and were guileless enough to sing a ditty about it.  Exposed by a campus grievance group, their fraternity has been driven from campus, their college careers are facing extinction and Anderson Cooper is seriously alarmed.  Charles  Blow and the inevitable professional angry Africans are getting face time once again.  Why any of us should care about the preferences of these frat boys is never explained.  

CNN is purported to be the serious network.  But when it comes to diverting from serious news to obsessions driven by the neuroses and show business fascination of their management, they are actually worse than the others.

All I know of the world comes from reading the wire services and watching CSPAN.  It's pointless to watch the news anymore. 

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