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Saturday, February 21, 2015


Some time ago I wrote a blog post proposing the establishment of a "Republic of Assholia."  That is, a place where the world could solve it's population and crime problems by exiling troublemakers and pests to an internationally recognized no man's land, there to fester or prosper as they may, outside of the civilized world.  The idea found favor with John Derbyshire and a few other writers who saw some promise in this sort of international "Injun' Country."  * Search  "The Republic of Assholia."  on this Blog.

Now it is reported that Italy, facing hordes of African migrants is considering military action against Libyan anarchy.  Such is reported by and to me it is welcome news.  

The Italians are under increasing pressure to intercept wave after wave of waterborne  infiltrators.  Most are from Africa proper but some are from much further afield.  Many drown on the way. The tactics have become increasing bold and desperate, including aiming un-crewed ships blindly at the Italian coast.  The Italians are stuck with the job of intercepting, then accommodating the migrants.

Given the EU's feckless multicultural paralysis in matters of self preservation, this is a tricky business.  The EU's efforts at fielding a joint naval task force seems to have broken down.  The Italians are left to defend not only their own borders but, as the easiest point of entry for third world migrants, the whole of Europe. This unfair division of labor is impelling the Italians to consider military action to prevent Libyan territory from becoming a permanent launching base for people smugglers.  The presence of ISIS in Libya and ISIS's stated intention of invading Europe via a flood of economic migrants cannot be ignored.  

Italy may now be addressing the central problem facing all civilized polities faced with incursion by masses of primitives.  They must establishing effective buffers.  

It's long overdue.  Europe quietly depended on the Gaddafi and other North African regimes to control the flow of migrants.  This was done in the time honored way, by bribery.  Alas, Arab Spring anarchy put and end to that.  Governments under collapse, or in thrall to public sentiment cannot be relied on the hold to such agreements.  Indeed, if governments on Europe's periphery were serious about stemming the flow of Third-Worlders trough their territory none of this would not be happening now.  

The Italians are on the verge of establishing order via military action in her former Libyan colony.  I cannot imagine that Italy will fall into the occupation trap.  Italians understand that Europeans cannot actually rule Muslims.  If they cannot be controlled in Europe's slums, they will be no controlling them on their own turf.  It's draining and frankly, pointless.   European states can control ports and such land as is necessary to prevent mischief to the European heartland.  It can be done by bribery, occasional shows of force and under the veil of humanitarianism.    

We are on the verge of an African population explosion.  Europe cannot absorb many millions of primitive migrants and remain Europe.  It can however, encourage and police semi-civilized buffer states.  

And to the South of these can exist the great Saharan Assholian Desert Empire.  There, ISIS  may rule as they wish, penned up in their own vast worthless playground.  

This is not a novel proposition.  Spain was wise enough to hold a small enclave on the African coast that serves as an impediment to African waterborne incursion.  It's a pity that France did not do the same in some small way in Algeria.     


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