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Thursday, February 26, 2015


 As someone who frequently misses all or most of the academy awards ceremony, I hope I can be forgiven for being surprised at what I saw and heard last Sunday night. I hadn’t any idea how awful they became.
The awards have been in a long slow descent into vulgarity and triviality for some time. Still, Sundays fish tank view into the neurotic and dysfunctional world of “Holly-Weird” brought me up short. I didn’t know things had deteriorated this far. The politics of low and middlebrow film culture was on full display so I just can’t resist commenting. Here are my observations.
The old Hollywood cultural façade of aping the old WASP social etiquette has worn off completely. The old Hollywood studio system was ever mindful that a great American public was out there, somewhere in the dark, and they pay to be mocked. The studio heads were more a product of Minsk than Milwaukee and they knew that there were limits to what they could do in a still Protestant and believing country. Americans had a general sense of who they were and what they weren’t.
The 60’s, ended that. It’s no longer necessary for show business culture to reflect traditional culture. Indeed, with mass third world immigration, there will be precious little such culture left. Filmmakers and recording studios that now make a large percentage of their profits from overseas sales feel no obligation to affirm an American audience.
As the Late Gene Shepard used to say, Show business is the American Religion. I believe he was substantially right. Generations of Americans picked up their behavioral norms from what they saw on screen. But with the rise of new generations of entertainment industry insiders, bred in New York and steeped in Left wing immigrant ideology, films came to represent a subversive and dyspeptic view of Americans and their culture. Last Sunday this was on full display.
The left’s obsession with identity politics and sensibility drove the whole night. The academy was so unnerved by a few race hustlers who pointed out that all the award nominees were white that they propelled a battalion of obscure black presenters on stage. Last years orgy of white masochism over Twelve Years a Slave, just whetted the hustlers hunger for more set-asides for black themed movies. So, I predict that every year will see one Oscar awarded to a “get whitie” film. No one will notice that British Black actors will play all the significant parts.
The Oscar is no longer about excellence in film (If it ever was), but which victim group must be bought off to keep the showboat sailing forward. The Hollywood left is composed exclusively of fringe groups making appeals and demands to the rest of us.
Another fringe group in that big dysfunctional showbiz family are of course, homosexuals. That’s why we were treated, if that’s the right word, to the gay presenter running around in his underpants. Does anyone really believe this act of needy, embarrassing exhibitionism was a material part of the show? Of course not, it was just Neal Patrick Harris living out his on silly inverted fantasy. I doubt the feelings of normal viewers entered into it.
If Harris weren’t the gay of the day, would he have been picked as a presenter? Didn’t anyone check to see if he could deliver punch lines? Apparently, no one did. But hay, he got to be transgressive in his tightie whities.
Lest we forget, women, who constitute 51% of the population, are the most horribly oppressed “minority” of all. We know this because several multi-millionaire female actresses told us so right up there where the Oscars are handed out. I suppose this is just a foretaste of next years Hillary deluge. Perhaps Merle Streep will portray the role of Secretary of State? I can’t wait.
The post-normal nature of Holly-Weird came out in the behavior of some of the stars/presenters. Travolta’s creepy fingertip manipulation of women on stage, and the catty, common behavior of several actresses on the Red Carpet are further shocks to the system. Some of us remember when actors behaving like adults, at least while on camera.
What’s this got to do with politics? These specimens actually produce what passes for entertainment here, and that is increasingly all the average American gets to absorb by way of a worldview. As our educational system declines the neurotic, solipsistic mentality of these freaks seeps out further and further into our national life. And that’s not a good thing.

I can’t conclude without mentioning the sole happy moment of Sundays farce. I avoid what is called celebrity culture to such an extent that all I knew of the young woman called Lady Gaga is her role as a TV eyesore. So I was absolutely scintillated to hear her voice at last. She can sing! Not only that, but she can sing very, very well. She’s a delightful talent, and I can only guess that her sartorial antics were just her way of elbowing into the consciousness of the show biz freak culture. She’s no great beauty, but she is pleasant looking enough and I look forward to hearing her lovely voice for years to come.

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