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Friday, December 5, 2014


Jimmy Carter* reminded us of how clueless he always was today in Princeton.  Addressing 800 credulous characters, he delivered one of his hallmark scolds about rampant campus rape.  

He recited the inevitable bogus rape statistics foisted on us by distempered feminists as though they bore some semblance to reality.  This is an easy task as, so far as I can find, there are no pro-rape factions of institutions.  

Cruel fate being what it is; "He also cited the allegations that a female student at the University of Virginia has made about being gang-raped by seven men in a fraternity house, while another student watched."

Ha said this just as  the whole UVA rape allegation came undone.  Like most things hatched by feminists, it was a clumsy hoax.  The story was repudiated by its publisher.  Lena Dunham's rape fantasy is likewise falling apart.  

The Princeton Packet went on to write:

"The 90-year old former president was at the university to promote his latest book, Call to Action; Religion, Violence and Power, and to sign copies."

So we have a sad tableau, the people of good opinion congratulating ourselves on their high mindedness while selling each other books, all in the service of pieties sans justification.   News of this hoax will not change their view of the world.

*  I suspect millions of James's give thanks, that President Carter insists everyone address him as "Jimmy."  

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