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Friday, December 5, 2014


FOX's Niel Cavuto, of FOX Business Report, suffered a narrative collapse this afternoon when Dr. Alveda King, a relative of Martin Luther King Jr. slipped a complaint in about "Bringing in immigrants to take our jobs."  She was making the point that jobless young blacks are more likely to encounter police with unfortunate consequences when they are unemployed.  This is undeniably true.  Low skilled Immigrants take jobs previously held by blacks.  

According to WIKI, "She was the first of five children of A. D. King, the younger brother of Martin Luther King Jr.,

She is also a former state representative of Georgia and a Minister.  

Cavuto responded to this diversion from his narrative about police brutality by hand gestures and fast speaking to keep the good Dr. on track, but too late.  

America's first black president is doing everything in his power, including things not in his lawful power, to increase unemployment among blacks.  How else to explain his insistence on making it possible for illegal latin American aliens to compete with Americans for jobs?  Cavuto works for FOX which likes immigration as well.  But they are trapped into addressing it in a away that satisfies their corporate patrons without giving the game away to their loyal white viewers.

Dr. King made another and refreshing point.  The mix of policing for public order and policing for revenue is a factor.  

The most frequent time policemen encounter white people is during the course of traffic stops.  Whites live in their homes and cars and places of work for the most part.  Blacks live a lot more on the street. This means that cops, who are promoted on the basis of how many arrests they make, are going to arrest a lot more blacks than whites.  This is not to say that blacks on the street aren't committing crimes large and small.  They are. And they commit more crime than whites.  

Dr. King is on to something though.  As our laws expand to more and more areas of behavior, and the government’s impulse to fine these behaviors grows, along with the size of the fines themselves, blacks suffer the most.  Blacks like poor whites, are being squeezed by immigration and outsourcing out of the labor market.  Our government on all levels is increasing fine amounts to levels unheard of not long ago.  Is it too obvious to note that squeezing people of limited means is a poor source of either revenue or civil peace?

It's doubtful that the GOP can do anything to gain more black voters.  Still, drawing a connection between immigration and Democrats, and the further impoverishment of native blacks might just work around the margins.  Word gets around, even on the street.

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