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Wednesday, November 26, 2014


We are under constant bombardment over racial matters now.  It seems all the news fit to print must have at least one racial subtext.

The President openly seeks to tip the racial balance of the country by granting privileges to illegal Latin American aliens, thus encouraging more to come.  This, while it becomes harder and harder for Europeans to immigrate to our country, a country their ancestors founded.  The political class, the academics and the media all report this Latin invasion in the same manner that they report the weather.  Nothing can be done.  Change, in the form of the racial and cultural balkanization of our society is inevitable.  For the White majority to intervene is to summon up the devil. Whites are not supposed to notice their own disposition. 

The cable networks are obsessed with a common, everyday shooting in an run down suburb of St. Louis.  They keep this racial injustice meme up even after the “Victim” was exposed as a strong-arm felon who attacked a policeman.  Like Trayvon Martin, the “victim” turned out to be a thug who brought his fists to a gunfight and lost. 

What strikes me is that in both issues, immigration amnesty and Ferguson, the majority population’s interest in public safety and social solidarity are sacrificed without question by people in the media and government who know precisely what they are doing. 

By picturing everything that happens as a morality tale of minority suffering against white aggression, the media and the President incite minority crime and delusional entitlement feelings.  The President and his Attorney General made their sympathies known on behalf of both the Latin illegals and rampaging blacks of Ferguson.  The President of all the people is more than happy to openly show his own racial preferences and animosities in way unthinkable for any white politician.

Consider this.   The President surrounds himself with an inner circle of close advisors like Valerie Jarrett , Susan Rice,  Jay Johnson, and Eric Holder, all black.   Repeatedly, competent cabinet level appointees have resigned or been fired for not getting through to the President.  He surrounds himself with people of his own race who serve as a buffer between him and unpleasant realities.  It is reported that the President’s only personal friends are fellow blacks from Chicago whom he has flown in to the White House for gatherings.  So much for our first post-racial President?  He is all about race. 

He inserts himself into local contretemps that have no federal connection except that race card.  He did this when Boston Police detained Harvard Professor Henry Louis Gates.  He did it again in the Trayvon Martin case and he is doing it now over Ferguson.   Imagine the outcry from the media if a white president spoken as some sort of white champion in similar cases.  The President seems to see nothing incongruous about his open championing his own racial agenda. 

The President’s advocacy of turning The United States of America into the disunited states of Latin America Isn’t even good pro-black politics.   The Cheap Mexican labor displaces far more black American workers than white.  It is enough that the white majority be reduced apparently.  The ethnic cleansing of blacks from California neighborhoods by Mexican gangs hasn’t penetrated his inner circle it seems.

The obviousness of the President’s animus toward white people is getting through to us.  It shows in his poisonous approval rating. Perhaps his constant pursuit of policies that favor minorities will break out of the media oath of silence.  In the mean time we will have to weather two more years of minority occupation government.


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