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Saturday, November 22, 2014


Ana Navarro, Professional Hispanic and CNN's idea of a Republican shares Gruber's status as both a political operative and a university faculty member.  I wonder just who Isn't posing as a scholar among media talking heads?

It's hard to be a political pundit/operative without also having a law degree.  In Navarro's case, law schools were ever ready to advance a whole new generation of wise Latinas.  Once armed with a law degree, it's easy to pose as a scholar of some sort.

VDARE's publication of my Navarro expose' captured her full awfulness.  But a telling bit of her bogus scholarship surfaced late in the piece.

Not only does Navarro seek to press gang her fellow Hispanics into the GOP establishments plantation, she has plans for sexual deviates.  She invited the hideous Hilary Rosen, Democrat strategist and LGBT advocate to help fill in "The hole in the Republican party.  Rosen is sexual deviance what Navarro is to Hispanics.  She is best remembered for attacking Ann Romney for raising her children rather than adopting them in order to play house with, in Hilary's case, her female live-in lover.


Navarro's mission for her current patron, Jeb Bush, is to find loose aggregations of aggrieved misfits to fill out the GOP's big tent.  Illiterate Mexican moochers, angry lesbians, who next?  Some coalition!

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