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Sunday, September 7, 2014


This week must be the Muslim bad behavior Olympics.  Rotherham, ISIS, that crazy Nigerian old lady decapitator in England; they are on a roll.  I'm reading "The Middle East" by Bernard Lewis as well, so I've got Muslims on the mind.

And yet, I can't help  noting this odd similarity between Islam and Communism/Socialism.  

No matter what goes wrong, neither system of thought is ever quite responsible for the actions of its adherents.  That is to say that no matter how many millions of people Marxists murder, it's always the fault of that particular brand or leader of the movement.  It's Stalin's fault, or Pol Pot's fault or Mao's.  Just as it is always the Muslim terrorist's fault, never Islam's fault.  I suppose we are meant to believe that if ISIS were real Muslims, or Stalin had been a real Communist, all would have been well.   We must never on any account entertain the thought that Communist/Socialist  ideology or Islamic doctrine have anything to do with what happens when these are applied.  

When ISIS decapitates an adulterer, we are told, that is not "True Islam."  No one asks the next question.  What is it when the government of Saudi Arabia does the same?  If the Saudi's aren't orthodox Muslims who is?  Where are these true Muslims?  When every Socialist society has the effect of depressing the numbers of it's own citizens, either by actively killing them, or by raising the cost and inconvenience of having children, we must never connect the dots. 

Just perhaps, there is something in Socialist materialism that deadens the souls of it's adherents and rulers to a point where citizens are expendable.  And perhaps there is something in the spirit of Islam that stifles both technical and moral advancement.  

So here is a thought experiment.  The next time you hear someone comparing something awful to the Nazis, tell them that you can't judge all Nazi's by Hitler.  That real Nazism never got a chance.  Say, Hitler corrupted Nazism and there is no reason to oppose all Nazis just because Hitler gave that political philosophy a bad name.  

See how far this reasoning gets you.  Then ask why we apply such defective thinking to both Communists and Muslims? 

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