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Sunday, September 7, 2014


Dreher loves the Rotherham story.  

"If I had been a police officer who had failed those girls in this way, it would take all I had within me not to want to kill myself. But these dirtbags in Rotherham can’t even be bothered to resign in disgrace. It is clear that political correctness regarding racism had a lot to do with this horror. But it is also clear that sexism did as well, and class bias. The police — not exactly the rich, note well — thought these working class girls were sluts." Rod Dreher

Well Rod, they were sluts.  They allowed themselves to be groomed and violated.  They had free will.  All societies have such girls.  Civilized Western societies used to  try to keep them under control.  Everyone in society has the option of being a slut, or a thief, or a mugger.  Some will always stray into these behaviors.  It is how society reacts to this sad fact of human nature that counts.  

But never let that interfere with your war on the Church or anyone with a job to do.  Sure the cops needed to stand up.  Sure, the British justice system failed. But don't kid yourself.  It is precisely your sad, weak, guilt-ridden mentality that empowers such a system.  If everyone is to blame, then, no one is to blame. But if Great Britain had practiced the kind of self protective ethnocentrism that you hate, there would have been no swarthy alien Paki's to groom the girls.  If the Rotherham police had kept a firm hand on, the girls would have been sent home to their mums for a good talking to.  You cannot undermine a culture and complain that it doesn't do what you want.  You can have diversity or you can have rectitude and traditional decency.  You can't have both.

You say something interesting when you say of the cops that …"it would take all I had within me not to want to kill myself."  Perhaps this is the crux of the matter.  Your reflexive turning of your judge mentality inward, on your culture and your faith, says more about your neuroses than others responsibility.  A healthy man would find his wrath directed at the perpetrators more than the bureaucrats.  

But let's be honest, complex systems run by weaklings like yourself will always offer you endless  targets.  The Cops should have resigned, you say.  You write as if you don't know that cops are uniformed agents of the state.  A weak liberal polity will only abide conformist weakling cops. 
No matter what the system, every cop knows one thing, the pencil neck thought leaders of society are equally willing to fire you for doing your job and for not doing your job.  Admit it, if the cops had slapped the Paki's around and kept the girls from harm, you would have been the first to stab them in the back.  

Rod, you are the problem.    

At this point it's clear that the New York Times made a mistake in hiring Ross Douthat.  They should have hired Rod Dreher instead.  He is just their sort of non-conservative Conservative, always shedding tears and spreading blame.  


  1. I may have already made this point elsewhere, but you'll find more perverse sex involving children presented in the most psychologically stimulating ways on Dreher's blog than on many Hollywood gossip sites and far more than across the internet at large.

    But Rod Dreher is a pimp of popular culture, and his splashing about in children and sex like a Jello wrestler brings the johns in to the blog.

  2. I'm convinced Dreher is a closeted fag.

  3. "they were sluts.... They had free will."

    I don't know if I quite follow this. Maybe I haven't been paying close enough attention to this case, but I thought they were raped. Are you suggesting it was consensual?

  4. James, not to be overly harsh but these girls were groomed. That is, they allowed themselves to be gradually seduced and habituated into a life as sex toys.

    If they were just rape victims, I would never use such language. Their rape was statutory rather than forcible.