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Thursday, June 26, 2014


 My latest blog for the Courier Times, running today.

Liars, Anti-Christian Demons, Lawyer Think
Liars - It beggars belief that the same people who lied the United States of America into the Iraq mess are now out on talk shows offering a critique of President Obama’s attempt to extract ourselves from the horror they created.

You have to credit Paul Wolfowitz’s superhuman level of nerve. He has come out from under whatever rock think tank he was hiding in to lecture Obama for “un-seriousness” in foreign policy. He did offer one bit of advice. Despite the well-known breach between Al Qaeda and ISIS, the administration should just call ISIS Al Qaeda anyway. It’s a gimmick but he likes it anyway. He assures us that if we call ISIS by another name, all the Sunni Muslims in the world will not notice that we are killing them. It truly takes a genius of mendacity to think up something like that. To say such things, you have to be convinced that every living soul you speak to in this world is an idiot. Perhaps like our President, he assumed that he was always the smartest person in the room. Like our President, he is wrong.

There is another reason for him to say such a thing. He, like all the Neoconservatives, want us to back the Sunni extremists in Syria against Israel’s enemy, Assad. Funding one group of Sunni assassins in Syria while trying to kill off another group of Sunni assassins one country over might be just too much for the dumb American public to take however.

Anti-Christian Demons - About a month ago a horrendous story of child abuse came screeching out of Ireland. The report, carried by major media like the Washington Post, told of eight hundred babies dumped in a cesspit behind an abandoned home for unwed mothers in Ireland. Of course the Catholic Church was to blame. 

This story began to fall apart almost as soon as it came out. Not only didn’t the main facts substantiate the allegations but even the details were comically off base. The eight hundred number seems to have come out of thin air. The below-ground structure may or may not be a crypt, and may or may not hold any bodies at all. No one knows. Even if true, infant mortality in early twentieth century Ireland would guarantee some sort of interment on the site.

Yesterday the Associated Press ran a correction/apology for creating this massive calumny. I’m waiting for all the politically correct journalists and commentators to issue their own apology for letting their Anti-Christian demons out to play with their keyboards.

Lawyer Think - Lois Lerner’s hard drive ate her emails. That is, eight hard drives crashed simultaneously. Let’s not detain ourselves with speculating about this miraculous event.

My observation is that since the Clinton administration, traditional political reasoning has given way to Lawyer Think. That is, forget what your actions say about yourself. Just see if you can get by without getting convicted for something that will stick. I think this started with President Clinton deciding to lawyer-up when it was obvious that he betrayed his wife and the American people. Republican administrations have gone on to do the same thing.

Now any government official may say anything to us, no matter how implausible. We understand that obvious lies are not actionable and nothing our elected representatives say can be trusted. Lois and her Obama Administration colleague’s didn’t invent this, but they are pressing the issue to the breaking point.

It’s the cream of the jest that it is the IRS who is failing to maintain any plausibility while it holds citizens to strict accountability. If the Government can lie to us, why can’t we respond in kind?

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