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Friday, January 24, 2014


I'm very glad that Ron Unz created his own webzine. (Unz Review) I once mistakenly attributed a lot of the decline of the American Conservative to him and I duly corrected my position.  The  Unz Review is extremely eclectic, publishing writers of almost every annex of the political mansion.  My regular readers know that I am partial to Philip Geraldi on intelligence and foreign affairs.  My love of Pat Buchanan is boundless.  Razib Khan on genetics is, as they say, a must read.

Unz publishes some characters of the left, writing deliriously bizarre accounts of the world through Red glasses.  This is excellent.  Various people have said in many ways over the centuries that an airing of all opinions is a good thing, as it exposes complete humbug to the light of reason.  I note that articles written by Giraldi and Khan attract active and intelligent commentary.  Phil even has a stalker of sorts thumping the anti-semitism tub.  The more left-conspiritorial posts by the usual suspects garner very few comments.  I think this is telling.  After all, what can you reply to the umpteenth recitation of the same old non-facts woven into a conspiracy so vast that boredom limits your ability to reach the final paragraph.

Ron was quite generous to the anti-war, anti-militarist camp when at TAC.  This was understandable in the context of Bush's mad neocon crusades.  From my point of view many of these writers were simply old leftist agitpropers pumping out the same old bile for a new audience.  There is a real divide between realist, paleo-cons like myself and Buchanan and the Nick Turses of this world.

Many of the Antiwar crowed are young leftists, clearly attempting to live out the fantasy of 1968.  This is their Vietnam and they are going to get the goods on the establishment.  And of course the establishment is all too willing to publish their books,  and give them academic roosts from which to shit on the institutions unwise enough to harbor them, etc.

So let them keep typing I say!   Unz Review is the microscope and they are the microbes.

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