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Friday, November 29, 2013


Once again TAC just can't take the heat over its new authors.  I commented on Jonathan Coppage's latest failed attempt at coverage on a serious topic below.  Coppage's piece was possibly his worst to date.  Some punks elsewhere wrote about a previously secret facility at Guantanamo.  The facility provided a setting for turning Al Qaeda prisoners.  It was like a motel.  The facility served its purpose and is now dormant.  The real story of course, is the implication that some of the interned had in fact gone over to our side in that facility.

The existence of this place is old news about very little.  It hasn't been used in years.  Seasoned journalists would have suspected it's existence.  But lefty journo-kids found it fascinating.  In writing about it as though it were some scandal, they forgot to think what effect their story might have had on the detainees (with whom they sympathize) on getting back in their world.  Any of them who were seen by the other detainees to have entered the facility are now marked men.

My complaint about Coppage is that he wrote approvingly of this piece of childish sabotage thus spreading it around.   This was no tale of CIA misdeeds, it was an attack by imbeciles on the CIA for doing what we pay the CIA to do.

The American Conservative should be ashamed of hiring Coppage and keeping him on.  He is not ready for a mass circulation conservative journal.

So my comment is "Awaiting Moderation."  Let's see if the TAC has the honesty to post it.  If not, at least you can read it here.

  1. Your comment is awaiting moderation.
    Those responsible for hiring young Master Coppage need to remind themselves, and him, that critiquing American policy does not equal undermining American institutions. The CIA is our intelligence agency, whatever its deficiencies. They are not the enemy. The whole gravamen of the original story was about the CIA actually trying to do its job.

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