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Monday, October 21, 2013

TAC deciding.......

  1. This is a comment I posted on a Marina Olson blog over at TAC.  I'm curious to see if they will post it.  Knowing a bit of History and noticing contemporary similarities may be too subversive for them.

    Your comment is awaiting moderation.
    Marina Olson wrote “Vigilante justice, however, operates outside these norms, and is inherently subversive.”
    Quite apart from your larger point, this sentence is not historically accurate. The term Vigilante in the American context stems from Committees of Vigilance which were formed when the norms of civilization were absent, or were not being enforced by the government. They were usually constituted of prominent citizens who came together in opposition to criminals. Their goal was to re-establish ordered civil society. This is the opposite of subversive in my view. They usually melted away when order was established.
    Perhaps uou are confusing vigilantes with spontaneous lynch mobs, which are another thing entirely.
    It’s interesting to note that vigilantism has disappeared while lynch mobs have re-emerged in the forms of flash mobs in our cities.

    TAC  Posted my comment yesterday along with several others.  It appears they wanted a them to accrue before taking action.  Well, that's fine.  


  1. Well, I see it hasn't been published yet. Some people resent correction. Some of those people are grade school kids, and some of them merely write like grade school kids.

  2. While TAC took its own sweet time deciding how to use your comment about events that did happen, TAC's CEO Wick Allison doesn't see any reason that an event which didn't happen shouldn't still be useful as the basis for an entertaining post about a Republican congressman. A subversive post, Rep. Sessions' office might even say.

    Or maybe Obamacon Allison just wants to get the same national notice Todd Purdum is getting for blogging about how terrible something that never happened would have been if it had happened. You know, in case they remake The West Wing and Aaron Sorkin needs to cast a small part for a city magazine publisher who knows how to play ball.


    1. Keith, you fired a massive volley but it went right over my poor old head. Obviously you are referring to some nonsense of Allison's. But Perhaps I'm just a bit slow on the uptake. What happened?

      I like to chronicle the hijinks over at TAS but recently, I just can't work up the stomach to read it all. Coppage, that jerk from New York, Dreher etc. I tend to read things from Phil Giraldi and a few others.

      At the moment I'm having it out with some Proff named Gene Callahan who wrote the How our East was Won book review. It's about the first encounters between European settlers and the American Indians. I write on this subject and have studied the History for years. Callahan objects to my rather anodyne comments from a White Guilt perspective. He teaches Economics on Long Island, likes Andrew Sullivan and Front Porch Republic and knows nothing at all about Indians. You know the type. BTW I have a comment being reviewed on that thread at the moment. I intend to post the whole exchange here shortly. I must wait to see if I get posted and what the good Professor says in reply.