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Sunday, October 20, 2013


CNN and MSNBC are covering the extrordinary story of a blond blue eyed child found among a band of filthy, lying gypsies during a police raid in Greece.*  The rather dusky CNN newswoman (who's name I didn't catch), had the delicate mission in reporting this story of Gypsy child abduction without actually saying Gypsy, or Roma as we are now told to call Gypsies.  She succeeded, but was betrayed by the first of her two guests.  This was a portly Greek gentleman, involved in child welfare and adoption.  Perhaps unaware of the Politically Correct mania of the American media, he mentioned that the abductors were "Roma."  Of course this was not followed up upon by Ms. CNN.  Indeed the whole interchange was focused on human trafficking.

The second guest was some blond gal boffin, formerly with the European Union who kept to the trafficing meme.  Try as she might, she couldn't entirely erase gypsies from this story of Gypsy child abduction.  The best she could manage was that "trafficking and begging rings were hiding among the Roma." All agreed that such trafficking and organized begging rings need to be better addressed by law enforcement and social services. So as we are unable to name and deal with group behaviors, the best we can do is sic juvenile officers and social workers on obvious, unassimilable criminal groups.  The point of this story is that since we will not permit ourselves to deal with the Gypsies, we must content ourselves with clamping down on all their criminal, parasitic behaviors.  Sadly, it seems that all of their behaviors fall into the criminal/parasitic catagory.

This is a massive problem in Europe where the fall of the Iron Curtain and the extension of the EU unleashed the Gypsies on Western Europe.

Gypsies represent in a highly concentrated form the dilemma facing all western welfare states.  What do we do in the face of a people who are so useless and intractable that they have no niche in our social ecology?  We in the West have certain assumptions about our fellow humans.  One is that people gain self respect through work.  Another is that all people can be improved and socialized through education.  We also see ourselves as citizens with a responsibility toward society as a whole.  That is, we try to tell the truth to each other and abide by a certain reciprocity in our social relations.  None of this is true of Gypsies.  Gypsy men live off welfare and the proceeds of the women and children's theft and begging.  Gypsy "culture" rejects education.  It actually discourages literacy. Given that a very large percentage of Gypsy children are Dyslectic, the point may be moot in any case.  Gypsies feel no obligation to tell the truth to outsiders and define themselves as having nothing to do with the societies that take them in.

Recently, Canada admitted some thousands of these people. They will be making their way South soon.

Gypsies may be the pill that can't be swallowed.  They are utterly unassimilable and completely without social grace.  They are a criminal nusence wherever they are.  When our social services and law enforcement break themselves on the hard carapace of Gypsy degeneracy we will be forced to see the reality of group differences.  What then?

*  This language may appear intemperate, but the child was found in a state of filth and the Gypsies did claim that the child was theirs.  DNA testing proved otherwise.

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