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Wednesday, July 10, 2013


The Zimmerman trial is winding down to its conclusion.  By common consent, the prosecution has failed to make the most of its already diaphanously  thin case.  The Judge, who has the demeanor of a put-upon receptionist refused an entirely reasonable request to by the defense to throw the change out.  So Zimmerman's fate is in the hands of six female jurors.

This is not an ordinary case of Second Degree homicide.  From the beginning this has been a case driven by political considerations that bent the normal course of law into a shape acceptable to the political class.

Zimmerman, whatever else he is, is a middle class person with a commitment to his community.  Unlike Trayvon Martin, he can not be creditably linked with drug use, possession of stolen property or bragging about assaulting people.  While Martin was on the scene due to being suspended from school, Zimmerman was there to help protect his neighborhood from burgling black youths who prey on his neighborhood.  Nothing the prosecution presented to the jury credibly made the case that Zimmerman was a crazed bigot looking for an opportunity to shoot a minority.  In fact Zimmerman like Martin, IS a minority.

From the beginning the government has responded to and in some cases inflamed a racial subtext to this trial.  It should be remembered that initially, Zimmer was not even charged.  Only after Black race hustlers ginned up demonstrations and those demonstrations caught the attention of similar hustlers in the national media  did the Florida authorities take the step of appointing a Special Prosecutor to drag Zimmerman into court.  The White Police Chief of Zimmerman's community was replaced by a largely Black City Council.  The President weighed in, inappropriately, expressing his affiliation with the Martin family thus prejudicing potential jury members.  The national press did all it could do to slant the case, including doctoring tapes and photos.

It's notable that for a case wrapped in the mantle of civil rights, the object here is not to seek justice for one lynched or railroaded.  This case demands the crushing of an ordinary man who seems to have been attacked by a known malefactor.  Let's be clear about this. Trayvon Martin had all the earmarks of an emerging gangster.  And let it be understood that if Martin had been involved in anything at all that might have spoken well of him, the prosecution would have trumpeted it to the heavens.  The complete absence of any redeeming Martin traits tells something.

The gray thunder head accumulating behind all this is the threat of Black mob violence if and when Zimmerman is set free.  Thus the six jurors may convict him just to avoid the appearance of racism and to ward off violence.  A freed Zimmerman will almost certainly be charged with a bogus Federal Civil Rights prosecution.

The deeper significance of this case is that the permanent Black underclass and the establishment that services them will make common cause against anyone who fights back, or in Zimmerman's case is perceived to have fought back against their assigned roles in our Anachotyranny.  To wit, the criminal dependent Black underclass shall be free to prey on the middle class of any race without too much fear of armed resistance.  The reaction of the media, the overclass and the law enforcement community is simply a reinforcement of the message that the rest of us should shut up, pay our taxes and take whatever the underclass dishes out.

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