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Wednesday, July 17, 2013


I must admit that Saturdays verdict in the Zimmerman case was not what I expected.  The six lady jury actually followed the law and acquitted the hapless Zimmerman. Perhaps I have become too jaded about the capacities of my fellow citizens. I am delighted that the jury found the verdict they did, but surprised never the less.

What does that say about present conditions?  Well, let's review the facts.  Zimmerman had no legal requirement under Florida law to retreat and had every right to resort to his weapon when in fear of his life. Initially, this situation was examined by his local authorities and quite properly, he was not charged.

At that point several race hustling lawyer publicity addicts began a campaign to get the national media to make a crusade out of the case.  The usual suspects, Jesse Jackson, Sharpton, etc, along with left media producers saw the opportunity to get something interesting started and the demonstrations and coverage of same began.  Behind this was an administration with an axe to grind against state laws allowing greater freedom of self defense.

Zimmerman (who is no such thing) was portrayed as a White man who tracked down a Black child (who was taller than he is) and killed the (approximately six foot) child in acold blooded episode of racial malevolence.  A Black child had been killed by a somewhat White man and he had to pay, full stop.

The resulting demonstrations unnerved the Governor of Florida sufficiently to impel him to set aside normal legal procedure and appoint a politically allied Special Prosecutor to target Zimmerman, which she rather shamefully did.  So it can be fairly said that Zimmerman was indicted at the behest of a mob of protestors and unelected media hacks.

Zimmerman was duly tried and found not guilty. That verdict triggered the following.

The prosecutors proclaimed Zimmerman "A Murderer" on public television.

The President, who already interjected himself into a local criminal matter, made an ambiguous statement implying that further steps against Zimmerman were to follow. He also addressed the case in such a way as to leave no doubt about where his sympathies lay.

The Attorney General said repeatedly that he will investigate Zimmerman with a view to using federal hate crime statutes to bring Zimmerman down.  He also took the opportunity to affiliate himself with those who wish to set the legal verdict of a Florida jury aside.

The national media have gone into full national crisis mode over the verdict in a way that validates every grudge minorities hold against the White majority.  They are now doing this night after night with little or no reference to the rule of law. Night after night they entertain calls for "Justice" beyond the law.  A tribal understanding of justice as retribution is deemed understandable and righteous despite its absurdity and dangerous appeal to emotion over logic.

What this all amounts to is the collapse of our common understanding of the rule of law and the fit place of government.  What we are experiencing is the naked power of racial and political group mobilization against a single individual as a proxy for "Whitey."

Why is this allowed to happen?  I can only point to White Ethnomasochism.  The concept that if people of other races are aggrieved, Whitey are to blame.  The Cultural Marxist hold on the professions that denigrates the culture, history and interest of the original settlers of our nation has come to a head in this verdict. What we see on the tube is a collection of angry minorities in the form of the Democratic Party organizing against Caucasians in a naked and obvious way.  And remember, this Democrat party holds itself out as the party of civil rights.  This is the party that used to protest the false imprisonment of individuals, now calling for the head of an individual man who has been acquitted by a jury.

We now have a priceless window on what is at stake here.  The left in all its manifestations is letting us see that it never was about freedom or fairness.  It was all about who gets the whip handle on whom.  It was never about "The Content of our Character" but on group preferences.  It was never about advancing Civil Rights but about abolishing our individual rights.  It was about equality defined a pecking order with people like me paying the bills and other getting the promotions and privileges.

If European Americans allow Zimmerman to be thrown to the mob, any of us can be next.

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