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Wednesday, March 6, 2013


As I write, Rand Paul is conducting an old fashioned stand up filibuster.  His purpose is to flush out the President, his party, and the neocon war mongers about the little matter of blowing American citizens to bits on American soil.  The President and his Attorney General insist that they have that power but will only use it if they really really need to.  The President feels that being a Nobel Peace Prize recipient, neither his motives or his judgement can be questioned. The idea that he can be bound by a nasty old constitution written by long dead white guys is an affront to his immense dignity.  Besides which he is smarter than all the rest of us.

I can only pray that the American public will watch Paul on CSPAN.  Personally, I doubt they have either the initiative or the attention span.

Paul has offered to desist if the Democrat majority would allow a resolution stating the sense of the Senate that the President does not in fact have the power to kill us if he feels like it.  Senator Durbin of Illinois, ever a servile, bovine stooge for his President had to object.  Calling on Obama to abjure from the full and unrestrained exercise of his power to kill us at will was a step too far.  He noted that he would be willing to invite Rand to give testimony sometime.  It must be a long time since Durbin encountered someone acting on principal. I could see the consternation and fear in his eyes.  Such is the beauty of CSPAN.

We are in the seventh hour of this filibuster.  Meanwhile over at MSNBC, Chris Matthews the faux blue collar blowhard, is interviewing that odious little bastard who runs the Souther Poverty Law Center.  The topic? gay marriage.  CNN is covering an assault at the Bolshoi Ballet.

This could be an extraordinary moment in our national life.  Someone is actually diverging from the script.

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