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Monday, November 5, 2012


I will miss the National vote tomorrow as I am a storm refugee in the sunny south. Elections are always a choice between inperfect alternatives.  Tomorrows choice is singularly awful.  On one hand an incompetent affirmative action law professor with an animus for the majority population and on the other, an empty suit bent on starting another war on behalf of a foreign power.  If I could be there tomorrow I would cast my vote for neither of them.

The lowlands of South Carolina have a great charm, coupling the piney woods and the maritime.  It's a queer but engaging mix of a hard work ethic with an easy demeanor.  I have yet to meet an unfriendly person here.  It might be a very good place to move.

Some observations:

In the north, I remember seeing the occaisional pelican.  Here, flocks of them proceed southward in dignified convoys just beyond the surfline.

I went into a gas station convenience store last night only to find beer, lottery tickets and fireworks as their primary merchandise! 

It was 77 degrees here on the beach yesterday but as the sun went down behind me it felt like the beginning of a long winter. 

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