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Tuesday, October 23, 2012


Governor Romney positioned himself tonight as the Middle East civil society advocate and stability booster.  Gone was the mad bomber of yesterday.  This bit of jujitsu on his part left the President expecting a bellicose opponent who never arrived.  I, like many, have been dismayed and fearful of the many neoconservatives on his foreign policy staff.

But now I recall a previous post in another venue.  I pointed out that we may have a hope that Romney was merely using the Neo's as judas goats to attract the mentally challenged FOX viewers.  Perhaps tonight is the first ray of that hope.  Perhaps Dov Zakheim will not get another ride on the taxpayers magic carpet after all.  

But as I wrote before, what does it say of a man that he can only do good by betraying his confederates?  Still, if there is back to be stabbed, there is no more fitting one than that of the despicable neocons.  

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