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Saturday, September 15, 2012


Over on the American Conservative the question of Romney's mismanaged campaign came up.  So I blurted out my cynical assessment.

This maladroit outburst from Romney suggests a leader who let’s his campaign professionals get him into trouble. Campaigns run by businessmen who rely on political hired guns have this problem a lot.
Many of the comments on this post strike me as anti-Romney in a partisan way. Yet consider this. Neither Obama or Romney fully connect with us a truly warm human way. They both have little ability to sense how we, the public, will react to their latest ideas. They both manifest an almost Aspergers inability to  relax and relate unguardedly. They both project the perfect family man image while failing to display any significant friends within the political class. In short, they are politicians who don’t like politics, or politicians, or the give and take of politics. This bodes ill for our future no matter who wins in November.
Obama is a wrongheaded, out of touch president. Romney, if elected, will represent the interests of the US Chamber of Commerce abjuring all others. He will either stab the neo-cons in the back, or start another idiotic war in the Middle East. Either man will bankrupt our republic beyond hope of repair in my lifetime.

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