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Thursday, September 13, 2012


This is a comment I left on the American Conservative in response to all the handwringing over the scurrilous Anti-Islamic film and the murder of our Ambassador in Libya.

  1. All through the post war years the enlightened among us called for greater cross cultural sharing. Surely, the family of man would all get along if we all just got to know each other. Margaret Mead and all that.
    Now we must faced he embarrassing failure of this fanciful mirage. Nothing could be further from reality. The more the average westerner learns about Islam the more alien it seems, and the more Muslims are exposed to our culture they more they hate it and us. The only time that cultures interact fruitfully is when their respective elites meet and adopt versions of what actually works in the other culture.
    Unfortunately, our culture is decadent and in decline and there hasn’t been an Islamic elite for a very long time. Of course there are muslims making a good living in our western university systems, but that is not to say they constitute an elite. Our culture is undergoing a kind of self loathing senile dementia and in Islam we find only a fossil of medieval literalism.
    I say let’s withdraw to our separate corners and await our fate.  The Chinese will be along soon.  

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