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Thursday, August 9, 2012


Daniel McCarthy has an excellent article in the American Conservative entitled, Gun Control and Civil Liberties.  This inspired yours truly to get the following off his chest.

The gun control issue is also taking on a subtle racial sub-narrative. States that enact right to carry laws, are now  living laboratories in which urban minorities kill each other with handguns at a rate all out of proportion to their near neighbors in the suburbs. Thus it becomes clear that the presence of firearms has little to do with “Gun Violence.”

The leading agitators for universal limitations on firearm possession and bearing are minority mayors, congressmen, and governors who depend on high minority turnout in cities to retain office.  They're problem stems from the inability of their constituents to control themselves around artifacts the rest of us possess without much trouble.  They are unwilling to say this.  Perhaps some of them are unwitting about what their position suggests about their constituents.   In the nineteenth century, it was illegal to sell weapons or alcohol to an Indian.  
So the question becomes, do we enjoy rights only to the extent that these rights have not yet been abused by urban minority thugs? If the answer is yes, then we have no rights at all.

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