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Tuesday, August 28, 2012


Tonight will be the first night of the Republican National Convention.  It will be a scripted infomercial characterized by a hostile press corps.

I will make only one prediction.  Throughout the proceedings, the TV media will run images of the usual mess that is New Orleans whenever a storm blows through, and they will contrast the well-fed white conventioneers with the black wretches clinging to their rooftops.  This will be offered as a juxtaposition between uncaring GOP'ers and the less well off.

What will actually be illustrated is the immense civilizational gap between the Democratic voters and Americans.  The Democrats are the party of tax recipients and the GOP at least pretends to represent tax payers.  The people failing to cope with the storm will be minority tax recipients.  The GOP will never have the courage to point this out.  They would rather lose than campaign on the demographic decline that is destroying the Republic.

Note 9/3/12:  Due to the excellent work of the U S Army Corps of Engineers, the levees held in New Orleans.  Flooding inland was intense but given that it effected populations used to looking out for themselves and rolling with natures punches, the story remained a weather story.  The R's lucked out.

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