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Monday, May 7, 2012


Barak Hussain Obama's declaration of victory over Bin Laddin and the "forces of terror" reminds me of the Emperor Caligula's proclamation as victor over Neptune.  The sheer imposture of which puts us into the position of the old Senators who dared not laugh for fear of beheading.  We don't have that fear, but we are cautioned not to laugh at our President for fear of appearing to doubt his fitness and sincerity as our first African President.

Our  President undermined the triumphal spirit of his signing yet another pact with the mountebank who claims to run Afghanistan on the anniversary of Bin Laddin's killing, by sneaking into the country we are liberating in the dead of night.  Photo-ops and speeches delivered in empty garages in a country you must flee before the sun comes up just don't have the required heroic spirit.

Obama the heroic war leader is also undermined by his own less than heroic life and his tendency to become small when the situation is big.  This is illustrated by the photo above.  The president is seen to almost hide, looking small and a bit afraid beside the soldier at the head of the table.  The Soldier and Defense Secretary Gates have the look of adult men tending to business.  The President's collection of left-political and academic pigmies have the look of people who would really rather be watching another movie.  Hillary Clinton hides her face concealing who knows what?

Can you imagine Truman or JFK sitting anywhere but at the head of the table?  Whether the operation had gone well or badly, real commanders sit where they can be observed and held responsible.  They don't sit hunkered down, one among a group, like a devious affirmative action law student looking for  an out.

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