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Monday, January 2, 2012


The last footage of the Syrian turmoil showed some curious images.  The usual running about of course, as well as some footage of what may or may not have been an Arab League observer in a bright orange vest.  At first he seems to be cowering in a doorway being almost pushed out out by someone who appears to be exhorting him to expose himself to the scene.  The image is taken from too great a distance to recognize individual traits.  So the observers don't travel in teams?

Next we see a lone supposed observer in a black ball cap and orange vest denouncing Syrian snipers.  The "observer" bore no insignia save for the orange vest commonly used by road crews and security guards everywhere.

Then we see the "snipers."   These "snipers" are standing in plain view from behind a few sandbags atop a building.  All sport  the ubiquitous Kalashnikov, with the central figure holding an unrecognizable firearm, perhaps a sniping rifle.  Like many of the resistance fighters we see, they are standing around in supposedly dangerous crossfire taking no efforts to protect themselves.   Are we meant to believe that the Syrian regime's snipers adopt the casual tactics of upland bird hunters in full view of observers?  They look like security forces with perhaps a sniper rifle on hand.  This does not make them snipers.

Finally we are told that the Arab League disallows/reinterprets comments made by the "observer."

So this "reportage" is dubious at best.  But that doesn't keep it from being presented as news by CNN, MSNBC etc.

I have no doubt that rough things are going on in Syria but I can have no confidence in getting a serious, balanced account of them from what I see on the tube.

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