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Monday, August 8, 2011


The race riots in London are not getting a lot of play on the cable networks here.  One suspects that the topic is just too scary.   But London is burning and we could at least pay attention.  My computer freezes up just trying to cope with the The London Telegraph's live coverage.

Images of pop-up riots all over London and now in Birmingham, show looting rioters assaulting the police with rocks, bricks and Molotov cocktails in broad daylight.  This massive looting and arson have been going on for three nights and are spreading.  The Metropolitan Police seem under orders to stand about and absorb the attacks without unduly impeding the rioters.  I have yet to see teargas or rubber bullets.

British authorities seem too politically correct, or too lacking in self respect to declare martial law. From experience I can say that the responsible parties know how this must end if it is to be stopped.  But what public official will survive the aftermath of such a response?  These are not youth rebellions,  These are certainly not protests.  These are insurrections against the larger society by people who despise civil society and law. They will only respond to force because they no longer believe the government has the capacity to check them.

It will take someone very brave to do the right thing here.  For the man who orders the gloves off will find himself under brutal attack for defending the realm. 

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