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Tuesday, July 26, 2011


The awful massacre in Norway has rattled the Right Wing community as nothing else has for a long time.  Americans are particularly baffled as they have little knowledge of the European Right.  The Old right was deeply Christian and associated with monarchy and other ancient institutions.  This is the wing with which I most identify.

Was Breivik, pictured above, such a conservative?  Was he a Conservative at all?  No to both Questions.    This narcissistic delusional madman is the product of a society so bereft of legitimate traditional institutions that literally anything is possible in his twisted psyche.  I've read bits of his manifesto and like others noticed his bizarre conflation of conservative rhetoric with bohemian amoral prescriptions.  He proclaims himself a Zionist who wants to defend the Christian West from  the Muslims but goes to no church.  He really believes that picturing himself as a nobleman or commando will illicit admiration after murdering defenseless adolescents.  He wants to fight the Muslims by killing his own people in the most despicable way.  He plots to use the most cosmopolitan aspects of Scandinavian decadence to recruit crusaders against Islam.  Obviously Breivik latched on to the legitimate alarm and resentment felt by more and more Europeans at the loss of their traditional cultures at the hands of rootless multicultural elites and the primitive people they invite into once homogeneous nations.

Perhaps we should have been expecting him.  The abolitionists had John Brown, and many other movements are best known for the lunatics who propelled them into our consciousness.  Such people are harbingers.  The anger of people who feel themselves deculturated will not disappear because some madman acted out a a twisted fantasy in their name.

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