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Saturday, February 6, 2010


Our world is looking more and more like Mike Judge's Idiocracy."   I just caught Sarah Palin's address to the Tea Party and it's a faux populist cocktail with an dollop of neo-conservative poison.  How can she complain about government spending while lamenting our lack of support for democracy movements around the globe?   Has it ever occurred to her that the interests of the America she loves and that of the democratically elected governments she wants can and will collide?  She actually repeated the old saw about democracies never going to war with each other.  I seem to remember Israel bombing the infrastructure of the democratically elected government of Lebanon to rubble just a few years ago.  No, She was talent scouted by the neo-cons and she has no better understanding than to adopt their tutelage.  Which means that she is their puppet and no amount of talk about standing up for traditional values will change her ultimate vassalage to the nasty schemers who brought us Iraq. 

She is so transparently out of touch that the very idea of her in high office is chilling.  During the fawning question period she clearly didn't know the difference between CNN and CSPAN, remarking proudly how her son never, ever, watched CSPAN.  That's like gloating that your daughter has never seen the inside of any library.   So far as I've heard, she failed to address the single gravest issue facing the economic and social future of ordinary Americans - legal and illegal immigration.   Her neo-conservative handlers don't much care for the current majority population of our country.  They preferring cheap labor from abroad.  So Sarah is already selling "her"people out even as she attempts to seduce their movement. 

And here is the tragedy in all this.  The Tea Party folks have hit on one good idea.  They understand that no one listens to populists because no one is paying them to listen to populists.  So the populists have finally gotten around to starting a populist PAC. They are going to play the influence game like adults (one hopes) and throw some money around.  As a movement these people could make a big difference.  But you can't have a movement without leaders who reflect your common philosophy and agenda.  As the Sarah Palin fan club they will have neither.  

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