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Wednesday, January 27, 2010


I'm listening to Obama's State of the Union Address with growing apprehension.  His criticism of the Congressional GOP juxtaposed with his talk of renewed action by the Office of Civil Rights and his happiness to have "Hate Speech" laws to crush anyone too vocal in opposition to multi-cultural America is a threat.  He made a curious reference to those who obey our laws and embracing our values as welcome to enjoy our freedoms etc.   Since he is a leftist pandering to minorities, illegal aliens, union drones, deviates and at least one foreign government, I'm a bit confused at what those values might be.  Perhaps this is just a rhetorical flourish.  But this is the kind of language that gives one pause.  The Democrats are no strangers to the abuse of governmental power.

For a President who's party is in disarray and who's agenda is in free fall to confuse legitimate legislative opposition with a sinister conspiracy to frustrate his hope and change agenda, exposes his weakness as a truly national leader.  Spending as much time as he has being cosseted by leftists in the academy and of course BS'ing his ghetto neighbors in Chicago, he really seems puzzled and affronted that the rest of us don't find his pap persuasive.  We all know what it means when a politician talks about "jobs saved" as opposed to jobs created.  We all know what it means when a politician attacks bankers after hiring bankers from the most politically connected bank in the world.  He is the man who sold himself as a herald of transparency.  But he has no idea just how transparent he is to the rest of us.

Many of my friends see Obama as a dangerous leftist.  I resisted this but tonight I see that once frustrated, he reverts to the only real organizational model he knows, that is, the political monoculture of the campus Marxists.  He is putting us on notice that he will organize his administration around satisfying the desires of his base while demonizing the rest of us.  This is a man who became President due to the votes of millions of independents who were enthralled at the prospect for voting for a *"black man."  They also fell for the idea that he was beyond the old political shell game.  Obama's lack of understanding of the electorate is costing him that segment.  It will be an interesting three years.

*Of course, Obama is actually a mulatto raised by whites,

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